Metamask instructions and guidance.


How to install metamask?

To install MetaMask Browser Extension please visit the Metamask website and download for your system of choice. If downloading to Chrome or Firefox Desktop then the Metamask Extension symbol will appear next to your address bar.

For Mobile and Cell devices please install the app and use the link in the menu to access the Platform through the Metamask App.



how to use metamask?

Once installed in your browser, Metamask will run alongside this Platform. You will be prompted when you need to connect to the Extension. Please ensure you have some FTM (Fantom) to pay for transaction fees. Transaction fees normally don’t go over 0.01 FTM.

Please add the RUBs Token to Metamask. From the first Metamask screen you will see an option to add token. Simply paste this address in and confirm.




How to Stake and Withdraw


How to create stake?

The first step in order to Stake is to make sure you have the Staking Currency available in your Metamask wallet and that you have some FTM available . 1 FTM should be good for at least 100 transactions. Then head to the RUBS Staking page , connect the Stake to Metamask by hitting the Create Stake buttonĀ  and then Stake your Tokens.


how to use metamask?

You can cancel your Stake at anytime but please be wary that some Tokens are subject to early termination fees. Request withdrawal and your tokens should be deposited in your account in seconds. On the Staking page you will find an option to End your Stake. Confirming this option will cancel your Stake and pay any rewards in the process.


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