RUBS GOLD Token is a one of a kind secure stable Crypto Token with the price valued against units of GOLD.

Our Gold Token combines the unique qualities of Gold with the benefits of a Crypto Currency / Asset. We are fully backed, all Tokens are redeemable, our industry is regulated and we have worldwide liquidity, one RUBS Token digitally represents 1 gram of pure Gold. 


You can purchase RUBS GOLD direct from this site. RUBS is matched against units of GOLD. As soon as you purchase RUBS then automatically an amount of GOLD is added to our GOLD reserve and new tokens minted to reflect the new addition. 1 RUBS will always equal 1 gram of pure GOLD.

 There is a limited amount of pre release Tokens available so get yours now.


After purchasing your GOLD / RUBS it will be loaded to your wallet. This can now be used in the form of a virtual Crypto currency. It can be exchanged on Exchanges and DEX’s. It can be held securley and privately and as GOLD gains value then of course so does RUBS.

RUBS can only be minted by trusted sources.

3. Withdraw rubs

 As soon as RUBS is minted then an equal amount of GOLD is deposited to our Vault. This means that there will always be a parallel number of Tokens to Grams of GOLD . We offer a secure service which allows you to have your GOLD delivered or collected. You can also receive a certficate of proof for your GOLD reserve as opposed to physically taking ownership of GOLD..

How This Works

 Yes you hear correct, this Crypto currency is not trying to match a price of another FIAT currency. 

RUBS GOLD Token is purely matched against units of GOLD. This makes it possible to use held units of GOLD for other purposes like trading or shopping.

As soon as you purchase the Token , the same weight in Gold Bullion is deposited to our Vault. Your Tokens become a digital representation of that Gold and this can be used in a much broader way than units of Gold.

You then have options to sell your units of Gold, trade your units of Gold on exchanges or our DEX, sell or auction NFTS in exchange for units of Gold, Stake your units of Gold for annual returns or even swap your units of Gold for physical Gold Bullion..

Owners of RUBS will gain access to a host of Crypto services including Staking, NFTS, DEX and Copyright Protection.

Why Purchase Digital Gold?

  1. Instant global liquidity through our partner network
  2. Cheaper than ETFs
  3. Immediate nearly instant settlement of transactions
  4. Public proof of reserve
  5. Fully audited smart contracts
  6. All Gold Tokens are fully redeemable for physical Gold
  7. Reliable network infacstructure
  8. Available cross chain



Gold is a  Global $12 trillion US dollar market. The worlds FIAT currencies are based on the reserve of Gold that each country holds.  We believe there is no safer commodity to digitize in order to protect your savings .



Get up to date live rates on Gold. Your value is always in Gold units but as we all know, FIAT prices can fluctuate against Gold so its nice to know if its a good time to sell. 


Public and private ownership of gold is commonplace world wide. No matter where you are in the world, getting your hands on pure gold has never been easier.

Almost Instant Transactions

Settle your Gold trades instantly either with us and our many partners. Block time is estimated at 15 seconds.

Save your Gold in your Digital Wallet

Store your Gold units securely in your Digital Wallet. Access it at anytime.

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Do you want to sell , purchase or auction NFTS ?


Our NFT Market is available on the Polygon Blockchain.


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